Creating an effective email marketing opt-in coaching

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Opt-in coaching (1).png

Creating an effective email marketing opt-in coaching


This one hour coaching session is all about figuring out what you’re trying to achieve by having a newsletter, what would be the best first step to get your audience interested in what you have to say and how to provide them with that valuable incentive piece to get them on your list. 

You’ll start off by filling out a questionnaire to get us both ready for your call.  We would then have a one hour session via Skype or telephone.

At the end of our call you will leave with:

-       A plan of action for opt-in creation

-       A recording of our call to go back to for reference

Shelagh worked with us and changed her plans and direction significantly after our call: 

As a business owner, the biggest, most important question to ask is WHAT WILL MY OPTIN BE? It's the first point of contact, the first chance to woo a potential client, and an amazing opportunity to move a prospect through your sales funnel. The one-on-one session I had with Wellman Wilson helped me not only figure out what direction to go in but also that I could simplify some of my original plans and ideas and get it done quickly.

Working with Lara and Karen to optimize the opt-in is a very smart investment. Their knowledge of social media strategy and execution is powerful and will have lasting impact on your business.

~Shelagh Cummins


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